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Our Farm

Our 3.5 acre culinary garden sits on the St. Helena Montessori School and grows unique, seasonally appropriate crops using organic, sustainable techniques. Emphasis is placed on experimentation with new crops and varieties, growing and cultivation methods, and the utilization of all edible portions of the plant through its life-cycle. This production aims to cultivate a broader mission – serving as a direct relationship between the natural landscape, the food system, and the community. This relationship represents not only a respect for the garden as a part of the ecosystem but also the garden as an opportunity for inspiration, health, and education.

From The Farm

The farm has finally begun to dry out after the January storms and we are hopeful that the month of February will bring us more much needed ‘natural irrigation’. This month also brings a new menu item and crop on our harvest list – the humble but very delicious and versatile leek. 

We seed our leeks in the greenhouse in the middle of July and transplant them to the field in September. The plants grow quickly at first with the longer days of late summer and early fall - then their growth slows to a steady crawl until they are ready for harvest in early February through late March/early April. As the plants grow we pile or ‘hill’ soil around the base of the plants until the original root system is buried roughly twelve inches below ground at harvest time. This soil coverage is what gives us the long white portion of the leek stalk which has the sweetest flavor. Enjoy

-Zac Yoder, Farm Director