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Our Farm

Our 3.5 acre culinary garden sits on the St. Helena Montessori School and grows unique, seasonally appropriate crops using organic, sustainable techniques. Emphasis is placed on experimentation with new crops and varieties, growing and cultivation methods, and the utilization of all edible portions of the plant through its life-cycle. This production aims to cultivate a broader mission – serving as a direct relationship between the natural landscape, the food system, and the community. This relationship represents not only a respect for the garden as a part of the ecosystem but also the garden as an opportunity for inspiration, health, and education.

From The Farm

This spring, the weather has provided us with a nearly ideal growing environment with mild daytime highs and warm nights. These conditions have allowed our summer crops to get off to a great start. Tomatoes are now about waist high, beans are beginning to flower, and peppers are loving the warmer temperatures created by the frost blankets we drape over them. The first of the summer crops to reach the menu will be summer squash, tomatillos, cucumbers and leafy crops such as hibiscus and shiso.

-Zac Yoder, Farm Director