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Our Farm

Our 3.5 acre culinary garden grows unique, seasonally appropriate crops using organic, sustainable techniques. Emphasis is placed on experimentation with new crops and varieties, growing and cultivation methods, and the utilization of all edible portions of the plant through its life-cycle. This production aims to cultivate a broader mission – serving as a direct relationship between the natural landscape, the food system, and the community. This relationship represents not only a respect for the garden as a part of the ecosystem but also the garden as an opportunity for inspiration, health, and education.

July "From the Farm"

The month of July in the Napa Valley brings the unofficial start of “fruit season” for most farms including ours. The heat loving tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants just to name a few finally begin to produce a steady crop of fruit which, lucky for us, will last well into October with the extended summers we tend to have. For tomatoes our favorites are Sungold for cherry tomatoes and Ananas Noire for heirlooms. When it comes to cucumbers our favorite hands down is the Striped Armenian. Technically a melon that eats and tastes more like a cucumber this variety has the added bonus of delicious blossoms, young leaves and vining tendrils.

-Zac Yoder, Farm Director

Meet Ryley, Garden Manager

Garden Manager, Ryley Schlachter, is a treasured addition to our team and has an incredibly keen understanding of the cyclical, healing nature of the land.

Following graduation from Chapman University, Ryley became increasingly interested in food systems. Ryley traveled to the heart of Colorado, where they traded a career in graphic design to work at a meditation center. Not only did Ryley begin their garden and farming education, but also had an opportunity to live on the land.

Almost a decade later, Ryley brings a range of experience to Our Farm. Having absorbed every trial and bit of knowledge from time spent on market gardens, a 70-acre farm and teaching garden theory, they became a skilled and seasoned farmer. While working with a non-profit, Ryley grew specialty food for restaurants and chefs, allowing them to discover the creative aspect of crop and plant growth. This introduction to restaurant relations allowed Ryley to see the importance of collaboration between farmer and chef – something they have recognized to be truly inspiring.

“Ryley has positively impacted the farm since the moment of their arrival,” notes Chef Kostow, “Bringing incredible intelligence and experience; it’s very exciting to have them as we get The Restaurant at Meadowood back open.”

Since arriving on Our Farm, Ryley has enjoyed working with our Farm Director, Zac Yoder, on research and development for The Charter Oak and The Restaurant at Meadowood. When dining at The Charter Oak, they recommend the Coal-Roasted Sweet Potato and the Raw Summer Squash Salad.