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A Note from Devon

I am so thankful to everyone who created The Cameron Thompson Legacy Scholarship, and even more so that I was the first recipient of it. This scholarship has helped me immensely throughout my education at CIA. Not only in terms of financial aid but also the connections I've made with the chefs involved, having the ability to ask questions and have a mentor to talk to when needed.

The scholarship has also helped me in securing my externship for my last semester, and provided me with a stipend to pay for my living expenses. With this extra money I was able to enjoy my time off in New York City to create memorable experiences.

Each of the chefs involved with this scholarship are extremely communicative even with, what I image are, extremely busy schedules. I usually would get a response to any questions I had about anything within the day. 

Again, I just want to say thank you to everyone involved in bringing this scholarship together, and that I am so proud to have received it. Thank you all.