Locally Inspired Food

Our menu reflects the products of the Napa Valley in a manner elegant and unforced. The Charter Oak cooking style is elemental, featuring few if no garnishes, and highlights one or two ingredients at a time. 


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house made yogurt. local honey. toasted seeds $12

grapefruits grilled over the fire. rosemary sugar $12

grilled toast: tahini/ honey or goat cheese/ kumquat marmalade $12

raw vegetables from our farm. fermented soy dip $18

crudo of halibut. funky vinaigrette. malabar spinach $22

this month's wings: championship BBQ wings from G Que in Denver, CO $18



apple pancake. brown sugar $18

summer squash and cheese baked omelette $22

smoked and grilled trout, flaked. cream cheese. sunflower oil $18

soft scrambled egg. avocado. furikake. Danish rye bread $20

buttered english muffins. creme fraiche. celery. spring onion

Russ & Daughters trout roe (1.5 oz) $30  |  caviar (1.5 oz) $70

pork posole. fresh sonora wheat tortillas $22

chard. buffalo milk mozzarella. vinaigrette of anchovy and summer savory $22

polenta. vegetable bolognese. fresh cheese $23

grilled mcfarland springs trout $32

buttermilk chicken. preserved lemon. polenta $28

the cheeseburger. pickled jalapeno relish. fries $20 + extra patty $6

beef rib grilled over cabernet barrels. beets dried over the fire $32



fruit: Morettini pears. shiso salt $10

maple syrup breakfast sausage $11

piloncillo bacon $9

potato rosti (hashbrowns) $8

ham + potato hash $10


a twenty percent service charge will be applied to all menu selections in lieu of gratuity