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Celebrating Five Years

Many are familiar with the sign that hangs along the stairwell that leads from the dining room to the downstairs that reads: “The greatest oak was once a tiny nut that held its ground”. We like this idea--that of, consistency of approach, and belief in the original vision of the place. When we see our restaurant teeming with guests, we are filled with the pride of justified efforts…

But there is a second hand-painted sign, hanging along a back staircase that only the staff sees, which reads: “When the wind will not serve, take to the oars.” This, more than the pride of vision realized, embodies our first 5 years at The Charter Oak. Through fires and outages, orange skies and pandemic closures, the team who makes up this restaurant has persevered through existential challenges that makes this milestone even more important to recognize. 

Christopher + Martina Kostow