Our menu reflects the products of the Napa Valley in a manner elegant and unforced. The Charter Oak cooking style is very elemental, featuring few if no garnishes, and highlights one or two ingredients at a time. Our food is served family-style, with the exception of the bar menu, to encourage a celebratory, communal dining experience. 

charter oak bread. cultured butter
small $4 | large $8


served for the table | $6 per portion

tarramaso farm eggs. hudson olive oil. salt

our mortadella

vegetables from our farm. fermented soy dip

grilled cucumber. sea beans. dill

tartine of summer tomatoes


served for the table | $16 per portion

coal roasted cabbage (chilled). kraut. clam 

little gem lettuces. bagna cauda of dried albacore. lovage cream

salad of broccolis. puffed grains. ricotta

fresh cheese malfatti. summer squash and their blossoms. sourdough crumbs

charred avocado. rhubarb. ember oil. mayo

from the hearth

served for the table | $26 per portion

beef rib grilled over cabernet barrels. beets dressed in the rendered fat

duck leg. spiced honey. sweet potato

pork shoulder. acorn miso. bitter greens

mcfarland springs trout. wild and cultivated greens. fermented onion

cauliflower treated like a piece of meat. mushroom au jus | $18