Our menu reflects the products of the Napa Valley in a manner elegant and unforced. The Charter Oak cooking style is elemental, featuring few if no garnishes, and highlights one or two ingredients at a time. 

charter oak bread. cultured butter
small $5 | large $10


our mortadella $14

raw vegetables from our farm. fermented soy dip $16

crispy potato "tostones." Mendocino sea lettuce. browned butter $12

buffalo milk mozzarella from Petaluma. crispy brussels $20

raw littleneck clams (4). smoked poultry stock. hearth dried herbs $12

crudo of halibut. grilled mandarin. herbs $22

dip of marin brie. trout roe. potato chips $22

cheese: andante tomme dolce (goat). honeycomb. grilled bread $18

this month's wings: smoky grilled wings. herbs. chili and vinegar from Charcoal, Venice $18


salads, vegetables + grains  

endive. local citrus. sheep's milk cheese $20

green salad: avocado. celery. pea tendrils. grilled chicken $22

little gem lettuces. smoked and dried albacore. herb cream $26

salad of broccolis. puffed grains. ricotta $24

durum wheat spaghetti. clams. wilted pea leaves. chile condiment $25

polenta. vegetable bolognese. fresh cheese $23


from the hearth 

beef rib grilled over cabernet barrels. beets dried over the fire $28

grilled buttermilk brined chicken. Napa grape leaves. fresh and dried grapes $25

roasted pork shoulder. spiced molasses. sunchokes $28

grilled rockfish. tiny greens. simple vinaigrette $24

slow cooked turnip. pumpernickel rye porridge. spicy mustard vinaigrette $18

hearth grilled ribeye (for 2). maitake mushrooms. old fashioned steak sauce $110

the cheeseburger. pickled jalapeno relish. fries $20 + extra patty $6


a twenty percent service charge will be applied to all menu selections in lieu of gratuity