The Charter Oak celebrates classically-focused cocktails ranging from bottled cocktails and large format “for the table” drinks, to reserve cocktails crafted with rare spirits. An extensive list of sought-after local wines and beers will also be available as well as zero-proof beverages made in-house.

The Charter Oak Cocktails

$14 each


bourbon and lillet

bourbon. amaro angeleno. lillet. aperol soda


vodka and blueberry

vodka. blueberry. lavender. dimmi. schramsberg

gin and genepy

gin. genepy des alpes. herbes de provence vermouth

tequila and yvette

tequila rosa. creme de yvette. lillet. burlesque bitters

jameson and ginger

irish whiskey. domaine de canton. orgeat. lemon. cardamom bitters

the charter oak margarita

blanco tequila. winter citrus. rhum clément créole shrubb

rum and rosemary

rosemary infused rum. cocchi americano. amaro montenegro. orange

tequila and montenegro

añejo tequila. amaro montenegro. bonal. orange and angostura bitters

zaya and fernet 

zaya 12 yr rum. fernet branca. mint

whiskey and burnt rosemary

whiskey. rosemary. amaro averna. amaro meletti. grapefruit  

scotch and apple

sia blended scotch. apple cider. amaro averna. lemon. piloncillo. allspice dram. lemon  

cold brew and rum

aged rums. cold brew coffee. honey. benedictine. chocolate bitters


black apple manhattan

mitchers american whiskey. contratto sweet vermouth. black apple. american oak




For The Table 

serves 6, $60 each


rhum j.m. smith & cross. jean fillioux cep dior. lairds apple brandy. peach. lemon

blend of three rums
diplomatico reserva exclusiva. pampero anniversario. brugal dry. mint. lime. ginger beer

1878 planter's punch
wray and nephew. rhum clement vsop. lime. guava. piloncillo

spiked ice tea
sonoma brothers bourbon. peach. lemon

a handle of boulevardier
brown butter bourbon. cocoa nib. amaro montenegro. aperol

[$240] mad fritz the charter oak acorn ipa 3L